Frequently Asked Questions!

If your enquiry isn’t answered below then get in touch and we will answer it for you.

What is Stonegrill?
Stonegrill is an exciting interactive dining experience you and your friends can enjoy at Ghost Burgers x Grill. Dine in to experience the hot sizzling flavours from the natural stone slab to cook your steak exactly as you like it every time.
Do you have gluten-free options?
Yes! All burgers, excluding the Flying Dutchman and Buffalo Chicken burgers, can be made gluten-friendly, with our gluten-free buns. Please note that while we do our best to cater for dietary requirements we handle and prepare gluten products on-site and therefore cannot guarantee food is free from cross-contamination.
Do you have vegetarian or vegan options?
Yes, we have both vegan and vegetarian options! Try our mouth-watering OMV burger with the all-time favourite, Beyond’s “NOT” beef patty.
Is your menu nut-free?

While most of our menu is nut-free, some items do contain nuts and sesame. Please ask our friendly staff for help when choosing a nut-free option. We do our best to minimise cross-contamination, however, as we prepare and handle all food on-site we cannot 100% guarantee allergen-free foods. 

Is your restaurant halal?
While our chicken is sourced from halal-certified suppliers, Ghost Burgers and Grill is not independently halal-certified. We do however offer many pork-free items and are more than happy to offer a grill clean before making your food, please just notify our helpful staff!
Do you serve alcohol?
Yes, we are proud to be shaking pouring and serving speciality cocktails alongside your favourite beers that compliment our delicious burger and grill flavours. If you’re feeling a little BOO-zy, this is the place to be.
What desserts do you offer?

At Ghost Burgers x Grill, we are obsessed with dessert! Enjoy nostalgic flavours, like apple crumble and rocky road in our stacked pancakes, pair it with a milkshake and slurp up one of our iconic shake favourites including Milo-crunch and Biscoff. If you’re a sweet tooth, you can count on having your cravings satisfied here. 

Do you take bookings?
Yes, we take bookings for special occasions and large groups. Contact us to make a booking. Otherwise, just walk in and we’ll be ready to serve you our scary good food.
Are you hiring?
We are always welcoming new talent the opportunity of becoming a Ghost team member! Visit our CAREERS PAGE to tell us about your skills and more importantly why you are a great fit for the team. Cultivating a great work culture is a core value of our business so we like to make sure we get along well!
What’s the Donkey Kong Challenge?

The Donkey Kong Challenge is a challenge consisting of eating chips, a mac and cheese cup and our MASSIVE burger filled with 6 x 150g Beef patties, 6x American sliced cheese, 200g pulled pork and 2x Southern Fried Chicken Tenders while washing it down with a can of soft drink! Beat the time limit (12 minutes) and eat FREE – or the meal is $49.95. 

Scary Good

Taste burgers, flavours from our grill and slurp up shakes so goddam good, it’s scary. Your best mates will be coming back for more (with or without you) when you bring them to eat at Ghost Burgers x Grill. Visit us in-store today.



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